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American Forests
Vermont Woodlands
(now Northern Woodlands)


American Forests
Wildlife expert Warner Shedd did the near impossible ... he wrote for kids about wildlife without using the Bambi formula for making wild critters into lovable little people. Yet the book isn't just dry science.... well-researched, creatively written ... offers ideas for all sorts of home, classroom, and field activities .... Simply put, this is a wonderful little book that just about anyone interested in wildlife will enjoy. Click here for Full Review

Vermont Woodlands [now Northern Woodlands]
Writing really good informational material for kids is an exacting art .... It all has to be just right.... So discovering a book as good as Warner Shedd's The Kids' Wildlife Book should gladden the heart of any parent or teacher... Fortunately for the future of our world, its subject is one that kids care passionately about....When this book came into my hands I was already planning a... wildlife study unit for my fourth grade students ... and decided that it would be a terrific resource ... I could hardly wait to begin, and neither could they .... [student] Ashley summed it up, "This book has information that kids can understand. It also has fun projects. I recommend this book to everyone studying wildlife." Click here for Full Review

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